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Notice for the BOJ Time-series Data Search web site

This notice is specific to the contents of the BOJ Time-series Data Search web site (hereafter "the site").

1. Copyright

All constituent elements of the site, such as text, photos, and illustrations, are subject to copyright. This copyright is protected by the Copyright Act and international treaties.

The information included in this site may be copied or reproduced with the exceptions below. When copying or reproducing, the source, the Bank of Japan, should be explicitly credited.

  • (1) The copying or reproduction of the content for commercial purposes.
  • (2) The copying or reproduction of materials with notifications such as "Please contact the Public Relations Department (Launches your email software) of the Bank of Japan to request permission to copy or reproduce."
  • (3) The copying or reproduction of graphics, illustrations, or other image data.

In such cases, please contact the Research and Statistics Department of the Bank in advance to request permission.

The contents of the site may not be altered or erased without the prior permission of the Bank.

2. Disclaimer

The Bank of Japan takes all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of information available on the site. However, the Bank assumes no responsibility for consequences arising in connection with the use of any of the information available on the site.

3. Links to the site

No permission is needed to link to the site.

When creating a link, however:

  • (1) specify clearly that the link is connected to the site;
  • (2) avoid links that give users the impression that part or all of the site is (a) a part of the linked site and/or (b) a site that requires payment or membership; and
  • (3) note that, with the exception of the URL address for the front page, URL addresses may be altered or erased without prior notification.

The address of the linked site should be sent to post.prd8@boj.or.jp (Launches your email software) after linking to the web site.

4. Trademarks

Names of products appearing on this site are generally trademarks or registered trademarks of companies or individuals.

The copyright of the "Information Retrieval System for Social Science Databases", NEEDS-FAME used in the data search function of our website belongs to Keio University and the right to alter it belongs to Nikkei Media Marketing, Inc.

On this site, the marks"™", "®", and "©" are used only in exceptional cases.

5. Time-series data

Figures may be revised retroactively if they are inaccurate or if there are changed to: seasonal adjustments, base year, and preliminary figures.

Some end figures may differ from those in other publications as data processing is conducted using digital equipment. No minus signs are attached to figures less than a unit.

Fiscal Year (accounting year) refers to a twelve-month period starting from April and ending in March of next year.

6. Inquiries

Any inquiries concerning the use of time-series data search should be directed to the Research and Statistics Department of the Bank of Japan at the following addresses.

For inquiries to post.rsd17@boj.or.jp, please write [Inquiries on how to download] in the title.
Please make sure to use " [" "]" (brackets).