TANKAN Download Flat File Format

  • Variable Length Data
  • JIS Code
  • Text File
  • Comma-delimited text file

Field Field Name Data
Length Specification
1 Series Code String 1 - 40 Alphanumeric Characters.
Same code as a part of series code using for the data search function*.
2 Freqency String 1 - 2 Q: Quarterly
FH: Half Year (Fiscal Year)
FY: Fiscal Year
3 Period String 4 - 6 Quarterly: YYYYQQ
Half Year: YYYYHH
Fiscal Year: YYYY
4 Data Value String 1 - 15 Numeric and "NA" (Figure not shown, overflow or not caluclable), "ND" (No data)

*For the series code of BOJ Time-series Data Search, add "CO'" to the front of alphanumeric codes in the TANKAN's Flat File (Explanation of the series code of TANKAN.)

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